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What is a Digital Wallet?

The word technology is a word that people will never get tired of. Additionally, as time flies by technology has constantly been advancing. Technology has become more user-friendly and it no longer matters how old people are, they can still enjoy the latest technology.

“Digital wallets,” for instance, are one of the newest innovations that have caught on for web-based sales and the e-commerce industry.

Many of you may already be familiar with the term; however, for those of you who are not, digital wallets function as secure digital methods of payment that store your payment information such as credit cards, bank information, and even concert tickets, coupons, receipts, and airline boarding passes.

Digital wallets allow users to safely complete transactions when accessed through a device. Furthermore, digital wallets can come in handy beyond executing payments, such as in finding coupons and deals because merchants can target users based upon geographical location.

Now, can consumers really rely on the app, itself? A mobile commerce expert mentioned that it depends on the company who handles the transactions. The company will be trusted with personal information like credit card data. This is why it is important for a customer or merchant to rely on a company they can trust, one that has withstood the test of time.

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