Send Money

Allied Wallet is both an E-Wallet and merchant account provider that allows your company to accept credit cards on your web site. Allied Wallet Merchant Accounts are free to sign up for and our rates and pricing structures are the most competitive in the merchant service industry. Send Funds. There are endless scenarios in which [...]

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What is an eWallet

Allied Wallet offers its users a free E-Wallet through which users can store, send, and receive funds. Allied Wallet’s E-Wallet software allows you to be in complete control of your money. Use Our Electronic Wallet to Buy Goods From Anyone Transfer money to your family, friends, and clients Send money and pay for goods or services through our [...]

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Why was my eWallet registration rejected?

If any of the information you provide is found to be incorrect then your registration will be rejected. If you found your rejection to be an error, please contact

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