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Becoming a Reseller

If you’re an entrepreneur or experienced salesperson looking for a great opportunity in the world of merchant services, Allied Wallet offers a great payment gateway reseller program that enables lucrative success. Our merchant services reseller program provides an amazing chance to promote a product you can believe in while setting yourself up to make long-term residual profits.


  • 98% Approval Rate
  • Direct Marketing
  • Timely Residuals
  • No Annual Fees
  • Processing in 196 Countries

Allied Wallet’s payment gateway reseller program allows you to profit by bringing our top payment processing services to merchants who haven’t yet experienced them. Allied Wallet offers a flexible, full feature set that’s one of the most easily integrated solutions available. We have a 98 percent approval rate, no annual fees, and we process in 196 countries. Allied Wallet is also direct marketing friendly, offering resellers a solution for these types of businesses. Resellers can always feel comfortable endorsing a product that brings the absolute best in support and security. Allied Wallet offers percentage-based residuals to resellers of our merchant services product line, so whenever your merchants are actively processing payments, you’re guaranteed timely, long-term payouts.

A Superior Payment Processing Product

When you participate in Allied Wallet’s payment gateway reseller program, you can be confident that you’re offering a leading product in the e-commerce world. Allied Wallet’s payment processing tools are incredibly easy to setup and integrate with our RESTful APIs, but still provide full-featured services at an affordable price. Allied Wallet offers merchants all the tools they need to bring success to their fingertips. Two of the strongest selling points that participants can rely on are innovative, state-of-the-art security, and a powerful global presence that becomes exponentially more important as the internet continues to blur the boundaries of geography.


Our security system features Level 1 PCI Compliance and persistent monitoring, customizable Fraud Scrub, and SHA-256 SSL encryption, but we’re always working to improve it. With support for more than 160 currencies in 196 countries, Allied Wallet is the best payment processing solution for anyone who wants their business to succeed in the internet’s global marketplace. Additionally, merchants who rely on Allied Wallet can take advantage of the 24 hour support we provide. Technical support is always on hand to help the merchants who use our services, but we also handle customer support for their customers, taking a potentially time-consuming and expensive task off of their hands. Our customer support service has a commitment to reducing chargebacks.


With our payment gateway reseller program, refer merchants to Allied Wallet’s services and be a part of success today. As we continue to optimize payment gateway and merchant services solutions, we concurrently maintain a product and service you can proudly endorse.

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