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In this age of rapid technological advancement, e-commerce transactions have become common on credit card statements. But questions still remain. As a consumer, how can you find secure, trustworthy online payment processors? And as a business, how can your own customers put their faith in your e-commerce services? Millions of companies accept credit card payments online, but how many of them can actually be trusted? That’s where Allied Wallet comes in.

A survey conducted by Parade Magazine found that nearly 85% of internet users were also frequent online shoppers, but only 61% of these users felt that their personal information was safe. Andy Khawaja saw this as an opportunity to build an eCommerce experience around safe and secure payment technology.

Unparalleled Security

At Allied Wallet, we have built our business around PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliance as an established internet payment service provider. Khawaja aims to assure all consumers and merchants that their transactions are safe, so long as Allied Wallet is the service provider. He has grown Allied Wallet by employing an elite staff of processing veterans and innovative thinkers to uphold security, deter fraud, and assure users that their financial information is safe. So whether you wish to accept credit payments online, or just ensure that your own credit card payments are safe, Allied Wallet is here for you.

Our Services

Today, we offer customized payment solutions to businesses of all sizes. Our processing solutions span 164 currencies, 196 countries, and nearly every international payment method. We also offer percentage based residuals to all of our resellers, developers, and bank relationships, with rates starting as low as 1.95%.

If you’re looking to open an eWallet, Allied Wallet is your perfect solution. More than 100 million users have already taken advantage of this service across all corners of the globe, because, our eWallet enables anyone to safely and securely shop online with confidence and assurance. It costs nothing to open an account; you just need to complete a onetime information form and you’re ready to go.

The Allied Difference

Thousands of merchants worldwide place their trust in Allied Wallet. And after processing over a billion dollars globally in 164 currencies, consumers and merchants recognize the security with our services. That’s because we’re not your average online payment processors. Our team takes pride in offering users the lowest rates, 24hour customer service, and the most secure, award-winning payment technology solution available.

As we continue to simplify payment processing globally, our products and services remain affordable and our commitment to our users and improving the e-commerce experience remains a priority. Our products are suitable for all types of online business and include our fully customized features. So don’t settle for lesser online payment processors. Protect yourself, and your personal information, with the help of Allied Wallet.


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