Los Angeles, CA: Allied Wallet is happy to announce an integration with several new payment options including Daopay, iDeal, and Rapipago to extend the reach of their online payment processing services and anticipates an increase in their revenue by $2 Billion annually.

Allied Wallet has been a leader in online payment processing for nearly a decade, pioneering global payments in 196 countries. They enable transactions in 164 currencies globally, but Andy Khawaja, Allied Wallet’s CEO, tirelessly scours the globe to create an even tighter, all-inclusive solution.

Daopay specializes in convenient and secure phone payments, processing millions of transactions for online games, social networks, and applications. Daopay is available to two billion consumers in over 60 countries, rendering it a vital payment option to accept for global online businesses.

iDeal is a preferred payment option with a large stake in the Netherlands. iDeal is available to consumers who bank with many European banks including ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, ING, Knab, and many more. Accepting iDeal transactions, offers a secure payment method to consumers using Netherlands-based banks.

Rapipago is a channel of payments formed by Banco Santander Rio SA, Citibank, and HSBC banks. With network coverage throughout the entire territory of the Republic of Argentina, Rapipago is dedicated to the collection of utility bills, taxes, and private services for qualified merchants.

Allied Wallet’s partnerships with these global online payment solutions creates a streamlined, more secure solution for reaching the consumers or business owners in the aforementioned coverage areas.

“As a world traveler, I’ve met many people all over the globe who didn’t even know that the products they want already exist somewhere else. Regardless of the region, I want to connect these people. If someone wants to buy your product or solution, they should be able to – whether they live next door or across an ocean. That’s the beauty of Allied Wallet,” said CEO Andy Khawaja, “…we make it happen.”

Allied Wallet prides itself on the security and functionality of the services its provided for many years. As technology advances, so does Allied Wallet. These partnerships are sure to streamline the international functionalities of this online payment processing giant.