CEO Andy Khawaja Interviewed for Cover Feature of Wealth & Finance March 2016

CEO Andy Khawaja discusses Allied Wallet's recently announced NextGen payment gateway in the March 2016 issue of Wealth & Finance International.

After months of hard work and dedication by Andy Khawaja the Allied Wallet team, the international payments company has officially launched their new and improved API platform that is slowly revolutionizing the way merchants can process transactions on a global scale.

The flexible, new API allows for faster integration and an even more secure transaction process. "The NextGen payment gateway makes Stripe look like it's from the 1970s," says Andy about the new, user-friendly interface.

While the new gateway has already received much acclaim, Allied Wallet will always continue to change the way that businesses, big and small, process payments around the world.

CEO Andy Khawaja discusses the launch of his company's new gateway with Wealth & Finance International magazine.

Find out more about Allied Wallet's new, state-of-the-art Next Gen payment platform.

See the Wealth Finance March 2016 article here


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