CEO Andy Khawaja is a Winning Entrepreneur of the Year

Allied Wallet Founder on Magazine Cover

An avid traveler, Dr. Andy Khawaja – a renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist-has harnessed the idea of global connectivity in Allied Wallet, since he founded the company in 2005. “I am a jet-setter, and enjoy making conversations with people all over the world and finding out what their goals are, what their needs are, and what they think is the future of commerce,” says Andy. “Similarly, Allied Wallet puts importance in the goals and needs of every country and culture. We want to connect people, protect transactions while enabling people to buy and sell more freely.”

Allied Wallet has been innovating the payment services industry since 2005, striving to create better payment solutions for online business owners and consumers. Throughout many years of innovation, they have faced their fair share of challenges – but Allied Wallet’s company culture and its leadership have always welcomed challenges as an opportunity for furthered success.

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CEO Andy Khawaja is a Winning Entrepreneur of the Year

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