CEO Andy Khawaja Featured in May 2016 Issue of Silicon Review

Allied Wallet founder and CEO, Andy Khawaja, recently sat down with The Silicon Review magazine to discuss how his idea to create a space that could securely store sensitive data revolutionized e-commerce.

Over the past ten years, Andy Khawaja, an international payments mogul who is known worldwide for his commitment to online security and philanthropy alike, has created the most innovative system for processing and protecting payments around the world, which includes the original concept for the "cloud system."

His tireless work to ensure that data is protected led to the idea of the "cloud" over a decade ago when he came up with the concept, which was soon realized with the help of his in-house team at Allied Wallet. He was regarded by Silicon Review as the creator of cloud storage by way of his virtual wallet, and continues to bring innovation and higher security to consumers and merchants around the world.

CEO Andy Khawaja sits down with The Silicon Review to talk about building Allied Wallet and creating the original concept for the cloud.

Read more about how his innovations have changed the face of data security.

See the Silicon Review May 2016 article here


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