Andy Khawaja is CEO of the Month in Corporate America Magazine

Allied Wallet CEO Andy Khawaja has been named CEO of the Month, and sat down to discuss how he's changing the workplace dynamic in the April 2016 issue of Corporate America magazine.

Over the past decade, Khawaja has worked hard to ensure that not only does his business grow, but to make sure his employees grow with it. His entrepreneurial knowledge is passed on to his team as he encourages their input and ideas to make business and the work environment more fun and effective.

Unlike the CEOs of other companies, Andy takes pride in working directly with Allied Wallet's merchants to learn new ways to make their lives and businesses more successful. While his meetings around the world have him jet-setting for most of the year, his hands-on approach surpasses that of any other company in the booming payments industry.

Allied Wallet founder Andy Khawaja has been named CEO of the Month California by Corporate America magazine.

Find out how he's creating an exciting and innovative new workplace dynamic.

See the Corp America April 2016 article here


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