AI Magazine Features Andy Khawaja and his Globally Leading Payment Processing Company

In the February 2016 issue of Acquisition International Magazine, Allied Wallet CEO Andy Khawaja discusses the importance of high-security payment processing for a global market.

With an international vision, Andy Khawaja and his team of e-commerce experts make the internet a safer place by providing proprietary credit card processing technology to deter fraud, without limiting a business' ability to grow.

The difference between Allied Wallet and major banks is that the renowned payments company likes to think outside the box when it comes to location, business type, and monthly volume, whereas banks often shun anything outside the norm.

By opening more doors in a secure way in an increasingly less secure digital era, the Allied Wallet CEO is paving the way for payment innovations in the merchant services industry for the decades to come.

Andy Khawaja's top-of-the-line payment processing technology is an industry leader with the highest security in the business.

Find out more about how Allied Wallet helps to prevent fraud, increase global trade, and help small businesses grow to their full potential in this article from AI Magazine.

See the AI Magazine Feb 2016 article here


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