The Allied Wallet Partnership Program

At Allied Wallet, we’ve quickly risen through the ranks of trusted online payment processing services to become one of the industry’s most significant names. Our secure, easy-to-use features are a big part of why we’ve become such a global leader in e-commerce merchant services, but we have to credit our many partners with helping us spread the word. The Allied Wallet Partnership Program builds these critical connections by extending a hand to developers and experienced resellers.

Join Allied Wallet’s Reseller Program

Becoming a reseller for Allied Wallet’s merchant services product line presents an incredible and lucrative opportunity for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit and merchant service savvy. Resellers receive percentage-based residuals, so there are guaranteed payouts whenever the merchants you sell to are actively processing payments. When you represent Allied Wallet’s optimized payment gateway solutions, you’ll be setting yourself and your merchants up for financial success. Features of the Allied Wallet reseller program include a 98 percent approval rate, timely residuals, and no annual fees. We are currently accepting new resellers, so don’t hesitate to join us in a profitable partnership today. Partner Today!

Secure Online Transactions with Allied Wallet

Allied Wallet Partnerships for Developers

Developers can save time and money by connecting their clients with Allied Wallet’s payment processing solutions. Once you’ve built a great site for your clients, the next step is bringing it to full functionality with a great payment processing service. Allied Wallet provides full-featured, global payment processing at low rates, making it the ideal service for your clients to use. Best of all, recommending Allied Wallet to your clients is a win-win situation: they get a great payment processing solution, and you’ll receive consistent residuals based on your client’s sales, ensuring that all the hard work you put in while building their interface pays off for years to come. Allied Wallet is easy to implement and provides flexible integration, so adding payment processing to your clients’ sites will be the easiest part of the job.

What You’re Partnering With

Whether you’re a reseller or a developer, when you form a partnership with Allied Wallet, you’re gaining an ally that is a true leader in the industry, committed to the profitability of our merchants and partners. Allied Wallet provides a superior payment processing service that’s far better situated than our competitors to securely bring your business onto the global stage. We process payments in more than 160 currencies and more than 195 countries, so you’ll be able to take your wares and services anywhere in the world. Plus, we do it all with state of the art security, including Level 1 PCI compliance and 24-hour customer support for everyone involved. Allied Wallet’s commitment to innovation protects and benefits e-commerce all over the globe.

Whether you’re a developer, a reseller or a merchant, forming a partnership with Allied Wallet is a great way to boost your business and secure long-term profits. Contact us today to learn more about how our Partnership Program and merchant services solutions can protect and improve your business operations.

Secure Online Transactions with Allied Wallet