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One of the reasons we at Allied Wallet are so successful in the online payment processing industry is our commitment to building positive relationships with financial institutions around the world. Our global banking relationships enable us to provide the lowest rates and the most functional processing solutions in the global marketplace of online commerce.

Partnering with us helps your financial institution expand globally by connecting you to Allied Wallet’s network of thousands of internationally-minded merchants. Allied Wallet operates in over 196 countries, so a partnership with us extends your reach to far more customers and ultimately helps your bank grow. We never stop building positive banking relationships to supplement our global merchant base. You too can apply for the Allied Wallet Partnership Program with your acquiring bank, and partner with profit today.

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What Makes Allied Wallet Different

Complete Online Payment ProcessingA key selling point in Allied Wallet’s relationships with financial institutions is the level of loyalty and support we have with our merchants. Allied Wallet has successfully expanded our global payment processing solutions by providing merchants with an unparalleled experience. To give you a little taste, here are some of the things that our merchants value when working with Allied Wallet:

  • Easy Setup: It takes less than 12 hours to get Allied Wallet up and running. It simply integrates into your pre-existing shopping cart software, using any programming language you choose. Allied Wallet’s flexible payment processing services are easy to implement, but we’re there to help our clients out whenever they need assistance.
  • Global Market Access: With a diverse range of accepted credit cards, as well as ACH and European Direct Debit, Allied Wallet lets customers accept payments from almost anywhere. Our online payment processing system works in 196 countries and with 164 different currencies.
  • Simplified Management: Allied Wallet’s clients experience streamlined business management, featuring a convenient tracking and reporting interface, an easy to use gateway interface, and simplified cash flow, all of which help merchants to focus on core business needs.
  • Customer Service Support: Allied Wallet provides 24/7 customer service to our clients’ customers through live chat, email, and telephone. We also handle refunds and help our clients reduce chargebacks.
  • Secure Profits: With state-of-the-art security features, Allied Wallet leads the industry when it comes to helping merchants feel safe in their online payment processing. With PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance, customizable Fraud Scrub, and SHA-256 SSL encryption, every transaction is completely safe.

B2B Opportunities + Global Business With Allied Wallet

When you partner your acquiring bank with Allied Wallet, you’re tapping into all of the resources our diverse global payment processing solutions provide. You will be able to see the revenue flow from our merchants and provide them with the services they need to power their online business.

When it comes to B2B opportunities with your private bank, we pride ourselves on our flexibility to offer users the services they need through secure and profitable solutions. Apply to our partnership program today to start building this profitable relationship.

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