J2 Store

J2 Store

J2 Store allows merchants to create a fully customized online store and shopping cart solution for their ecommerce website that can easily integrate into Allied Wallet’s payment gateway. With a wide array of scalable features, simple navigation, and low costs, this is an ideal solution for merchants of any business type.

J2 Store’s easy-to-use Catalogue Management system lets you feature unlimited products, review inventory, and provide multiple product options so that your business is never caught unprepared. Their sales analytic features and automated tax calculators provide a simple solution for reaping profits with ease.

The wide variety of marketing and promotional tools such as coupon codes and the option for automated special mailing apps with a mobile-friendly interface make this the perfect shopping cart for companies who have a tech-savvy audience. The many shipping options and various cart layouts help give your customer the best value for their needs.

J2 Store’s flexible customisation tools combined with Allied Wallet’s global payment gateway allows you to let your online business grow to its full potential in a safe and secure setting so that customers know that you’re one company they can completely rely on.

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