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Cart66 provides merchants a fully packed shopping cart solution that integrates easily into WordPress websites and Allied Wallet’s payment gateway for an all-inclusive e-commerce solution for your growing business. With a wide variety of convenient features, high security, and low costs, this is a great solution for any merchant’s shopping cart needs.

Cart66’s complete suite of high quality WordPress plugins allow your company to safely sell your products and services to millions of customers around the world. Their built-in security feature, much like those of Allied Wallet, work to prevent fraud and data theft without sacrificing the usability for customers, giving you, and your clients, peace of mind.

Their wide variety of tools and packages allow merchants to sell both tangible and digital products, memberships, and even subscriptions in a clean and organized interface with dozens of themes and customisations to choose from. Their Cart66 Pro and Cloud options enable you to manage everything from timed emails, recurrent billing, and even promotional offers with the click of a button.

Cart66’s flexible customisation tools combined with Allied Wallet’s international payment gateway allow you to let your business flourish to the fullest in a safe and secure setting so that customers know that they can always rely on you for their needs.

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