aMember Professional is a very user-friendly, member management interface that easily integrates with Allied Wallet. With aMember’s software you can enable subscription payments, manage customer records and profiles, send newsletters, run your own partner/affiliate system, and even integrate all the aforementioned features with your blog, forum, or CMS.

Offer different subscriptions with varying membership levels and included items. aMember makes this process easily manageable and gives you a simple means of content delivery. You’ll be able to streamline your signups, automate expirations, then translate everything into six languages, making your business easily scalable into a global company.

Your features will seamlessly integrate with Allied Wallet because Allied Wallet functions on a global level. We enable you to accept 164 different currencies and settle in 25, 24 hours a day, worldwide. If you’re ready to run your member/affiliate system on a global scale, integrate aMember’s software with Allied Wallet.

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