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Tech billionaire, Dr. Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet speaks to us about the firm’s work with financial technology, innovation and software. As the leader in the ecommerce business, the firm has ambitious plans for growth and is always eager to help the millennials trade and conduct business.

Firstly, how does Allied Wallet excel in innovation?
Innovation is very important for Allied Wallet, as we are concerned with financial technology and FinTech, indeed we must innovate always to compete in the market. In terms of what we do, our work in innovation is to enable quicker payment, faster API integration and we need to update our codes for them to be implemented on multiple platforms as simple as 1, 2 and 3. We innovate our back-end API with the ability to adapt and integrate simply within minutes.

What role does innovation play in the work of Allied Wallet?
Innovation at Allied Wallet plays a huge role, because we always must be up to speed and aware of what is out there and how we can improve it. The team here are constantly fishing for better ideas and products that we can implement, but having said that we build our own product in house, so the coders make it and code it, and we have a debugging team who launch our financial technology products live. Every week, the firm launches 10 or 15 items live, so we are constantly busy.

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