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Softech Magazine’s Excellence in Innovation Award

Tech billionaire, Dr. Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet shared his thoughts on winning the Excellence in Innovation award and exactly how the firm excels in innovation, to ensure that online transactions are always safe and secure.

Beginning this interview, Dr. Andy Khawaja explains to us how Allied Wallet excels in innovation. Also, Dr. Khawaja goes into detail about the role his team play in the firm’s innovation where technology is concerned.

“Innovation is key for Allied Wallet. Since we are concerned with financial technology and FinTech, indeed we must discover innovative ways to compete within the market. At Allied Wallet, our work in innovation is to enable quicker payment, faster API integration but also to update our codes for them to be implemented on numerous platforms as simple as 1, 2 and 3. Most of all, we innovate our back-end API with the capability to adapt and integrate simply within minutes.

“If innovation did not exist – I think we would be riding on horses, and not using cars!”

At Allied Wallet, innovation plays a huge role, because we always must be up to speed and aware of what is out there and how we can improve it. The team here are constantly on the lookout for better ideas and products that we can implement. However, having said that we build our own products in house. As such, our coders make it and code it, and we have a debugging team who launch our financial technology products live. Every week, Allied Wallet launches 10 or 15 items live, so we are constantly busy.”

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