Dr. Andy Khawaja is Awarded Alongside Allied Wallet as Softech's Tech CEO of the Year - Payment Gateway | Experience True Flexibility and Security
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Dr. Andy Khawaja is Awarded Alongside Allied Wallet as Softech’s Tech CEO of the Year

CEO and founder of Allied Wallet’s payment gateway, Dr. Andy Khawaja, speaks with Softech International upon accepting the 2016 awards for Best Online Payment Processing Solutions Provider and Tech CEO of the year.

The upcoming developments with their revolutionary NextGen payment platform will bring big changes to the industry when it is released this coming January, and will simplify the way that merchants around the globe accept transactions online. “Ultimately the Next Generation Payment Gateway allows for universal integrations with any shopping cart solutions, analytics, booking, fundraising, and mobile payment platforms, leading the payment services industry in a direction of inter-connected services and simpler set up,” says the CEO.

The award winning company doesn’t plan to stop innovating any time soon. Despite uncertainty in the current political climate, Allied Wallet’s global services will continue to expand and improve to accommodate businesses of all sizes in regions around the world.

CEO Andy Khawaja discusses his recent accolades and the upcoming additions to the award-winning Allied Wallet NextGen gateway with Softech International Business Awards.

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