Corporate USA Today’s “Best Global E-commerce Payment Processing Company”

What sets Allied Wallet apart from your competitors?
What makes Allied Wallet different is that we provide a truly global payment solution, serving domestic and international customers. We cater to every size company, from those with modest transactions of $20 a month right through to large organisations handling $20 billion a month – we are able to support and add value to every customer.

We handle transactions in multiple currencies, across multiple regions and can accept payments from every major credit and debit card provider. We never say “no” to our customers. We will always say “yes” and work with them to find a solution to fit their requirements, regardless of their location.

We are proud to offer the best payment processing solution available, as we integrate with 35 of the most popular online shopping carts on the planet. For customers who need a bespoke solution, we can get them up and running in less than a day using our API. Developing an integration piece for an ecommerce solution can take anywhere from a month up to two years depending on the complexity of the project, but we can deliver that in a day.

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