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CIO Bulletin Magazine’s “Building the Team Behind the Multi-Billion Dollar Company”

Dr. Andy Khawaja founded Allied Wallet in 2005 to connect global buyers and sellers. He is a highly-publicized philanthropist and world-renowned entrepreneur with fluency in five languages who has been featured in over 100 publications for his contributions to technology, society, and economical growth. Participating in dozens of live interviews with thought leaders such as Larry King, he has been very active in delivering payment tools to people of many cultures and continents specializing in features such as cyber security, fraud prevention, and virtual wallets.

Dr. Khawaja has been featured in dozens of periodicals including: Forbes, Time Magazine, Bloomberg, the Gaurdian and the Wired and Because of his accomplishments in the industry, he is often referred to as the “Messiah of Digital Payments.” Dr. Khawaja continues to guide Allied Wallet towards continued success while simultaneously leading several ambitious projects including the reality television series “Model Turned Superstar” as its executive producer and director. In the meantime, he also continues to be a major contributor to charitable organizations including: UNICEF, Wounded Warrior Project, Eagle and Badge Foundation and more.

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