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CEO Andy Khawaja in Lux Magazine’s ‘Christmas with Mr. Generous’

In Lux Magazine’s ‘Christmas with Mr. Generous’, CEO Andy Khawaja is interviewed and showcased for his generous nature and traditions of giving.
Khawaja discusses his personal plans for Christmas and New Year’s Eve which include an intimate celebration at his Beverly Hills home, a four-day long party for his Allied Wallet team, and a trip with his top executives to a private island in the Bahamas.

Allied Wallet has been featured in the media countless times as one of the best places to work and this culture is directly attributed to Khawaja’s giving nature.

“My employees have helped me achieve my enormous success and without them the company would not be able to function, and as such I’d like to spoil them…” said Khawaja.

With luxury gifts and the finest cuisine, CEO Andy Khawaja sure knows how to treat those that he values.

Read ‘Christmas with Mr. Generous’ to find out what Khawaja himself wanted for Christmas.

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