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CEO and Tech Billionaire Andy Khawaja Featured in Gamechangers Magazine

World renowned payments mogul Andy Khawaja discusses the possibility of a “cashless society” in the coming years and how this will impact online payment processing in the May 2016 issue of Gamechangers magazine.

Despite recent studies claiming that two thirds of 18-34 year olds primarily use cash to make their purchases, Andy and his team at Allied Wallet have noticed a significant increase in online sales from the same age group made more frequently with a payment card. “We see that as a potential growth in the youth, preferring to transact electronically,” says Andy Khawaja.

With an increasingly faster-moving society, the need for quick payment processing has grown – showing a significant reduction in cash and paper-cheque payment methods, which brings online processing companies such as Allied Wallet to the forefront of creating faster and more secure transactions, and stimulating the economy around the world.

Read the interview yourself and see what Allied Wallet CEO Andy Khawaja has to say about the increasing popularity of digital payments.
Find out how the rise in card payments are bringing us ever closer to a “cashless society”.

Read the full article here


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