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Allied Wallet In Beverly Hills Times Magazine

(October 2012) Despite screaming headlines that cry doomsday for business owners, Beverly Hills resident and mega entrepreneur Andy Khawaja, CEO of Allied Wallet turned his background in retail into a multi-billion dollar global business that not only made him rich BUT is helping thousands of people worldwide expand their money-making ideas with strategic business planning.

People used to chat over drinks about having fun, exciting weekend get-a-way plans and the latest and greatest that money could buy. These days, most people have their backs against the wall trying to cope with a struggling economy. The #1 topic seems to be finding ways to generate income, pay bills and keep the wolves away from the front door. People worldwide are living within the confines of a deepening panic as they survive the loss of job security and income.

With corporate jobs flying out the window, people are beginning to understand what powerful, successful and wealthy entrepreneurs have known for decades: If you want to survive and thrive in business, you better take making-money-matters into your own hands. Born out of necessity, people from all walks of life are discovering innovative ways to think outside the box and create their own job security as business owners. Is everyone cut out to own a storefront business?

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