Allied Wallet Featured in Investor Review's October 2016 Issue - Payment Gateway | Experience True Flexibility and Security
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Allied Wallet Featured in Investor Review’s October 2016 Issue

Allied Wallet CEO, Dr. Andy Khawaja, speaks with Investor Review about the inception of the award winning payments company, and their astounding success over the past ten years in the October 2016 issue.

Renowned for their high security and their low rates, merchants are able to safely bypass conversion fees so that their customers can pay in their own local currency. By providing helping merchants transact on a global scale, small businesses around the world can focus on expanding their reach without limitations. “Becoming successful is something that happens after many years of hard work and dedication,” says Dr. Khawaja.

The international payment processing company has seen vast growth in recent years, and with Andy Khawaja at the forefront, they intend to continue innovating and securing online payments to make online transactions safer and easier than ever before for merchants around the world.

Read more about Dr Khawaja’s route to more secure payments and global success in the October 2016 issue of Investor Review.

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