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Allied Wallet’s CEO Makes Cover of Start Your Business Magazine October 2013

(United States) Allied Wallet’s CEO Andy Khawaja was recently interviewed for the cover of Start Your Business Magazine, offering a glimpse to readers of how he rose to his billionaire status and offers tips as to how entrepreneurs can reach their success.

After several years of business, Allied Wallet still prides itself on the security standpoints that they have built their services upon. Security was Khawaja’s initial concern in establishing a better payment processing system.

“The purpose was to secure the internet, to secure websites, and to secure transactions so that con artists would find it tougher to invade transactions,” said Khawaja.

It, however, took much more for Khawaja and Allied Wallet to reach the success they see today. Khawaja and Allied Wallet have reached their success by understanding the business they’re in and by establishing the relationships and trust that must be in place to maximize efficiency.

“If you want to build a multi-billion dollar business, you have to secure the most important aspects of your business with a plan that keeps it running 100%. For Allied Wallet, we focused on securing our compliance standards and having a knowledgable risk team. So that as we grew, we grew safely.” It’s clear that every step Khawaja has made has been carefully placed to build his empire on safe internet transactions. From local laws and compliance to brand violations and card scheme regulations, Khawaja has made a point to learn it all.

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