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Allied Wallet Featured in Future of Payments June 2014

Allied Wallet was featured in the United Kingdom’s Sunday Times within the Raconteur section. A 16-page report entitled the “Future of Payments” included Allied Wallet as a top choice for payment services globally.

The report highlights the rapidly changing nature of the payments industry, and serves to educate and inform business leaders, merchants and consumers on the future technologies on the horizon, the changing nature of mobile and online payments, and the ‘one’s to watch’ in the race for domination of the sector.

Edited by The Times’ Nic Fildes, and featuring contributors such as Dave Howell, on payments technology driving loyalty, and Dan Barnes on the renewed faith in the banks, the report provides high quality editorial commentary on payments technology, backed by engaging design and graphics.

In the article, Allied Wallet’s CEO Andy Khawaja is pictured along with a quote detailing the company’s mission and goals in terms of e-commerce credit card processing.

“There can be a lot of danger in internet transactions, so Allied Wallet has made it our mission to provide a safe environment for people to make and spend money.”

Read the full article here


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