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AI’s ‘The Wallet of the Future’ Takes the Cover of November Issue Featuring Dr. Andy Khawaja

Allied Wallet payments mogul Dr. Andy Khawaja sits down with Acquisition International to talk about his dreams for the future of payments, and how the right shopping cart can impact your online business.

The flexibility offered by the dozens of shopping carts that Allied Wallet seamlessly integrates with allows merchants to customize their customer’s checkout experience, without compromising security. “It is a fast and convenient service, that you can use anywhere in the world, indeed our phenomenal approval rate is 87% is much higher than anybody else’s,” comments the CEO. “And While PayPal sends payments to a virtual wallet, we will send the same straight to your bank account.”

With a solid and secure foundation, Andy Khawaja continues to strive to even bigger and better ideas – such as his concept for payments via fingerprint – to allow customers and merchants everywhere to have more accessible payments options around the world.

Learn more about Andy Khawaja’s wallet of the future in the November 2016 issue of Acquisitions International.

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