AI Magazine’s Leading Investment Experts 2017

Tech billionaire, Dr. Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet reveals his thoughts on winning the Leading Investment Experts 2017 accolade and, provides a fascinating glimpse into the company’s global online services and how they are making a way for millennials to start up in business and be successful.

Firstly, can you tell us in a nutshell what Allied Wallet does?
Allied Wallet provides global online services with the tools of fraud reduction and cyber security implemented in Allied Wallet’s Global Payment Gateway infrastructure. Not only do we process credit cards domestically and globally, but at the same time, we reduce the fraud ratio and chargeback based on the massive negative database that we have generated over the past 12 years since the dawn of the company.

Many providers take advantage of the honest merchants in terms of high chargebacks. So, when it comes to Allied Wallet’s system, data comes into that negative database and we identify the good and the bad. So, the transaction is thrown away when the card is related to that negative database.

How does it feel to be selected as Leading Investment Experts 2017?
When we constantly have a gross of 100% into the negative database and when you understand the concept and scale of the ecommerce business, I would say that it is an honour to be selected as the Leading Investment Experts for 2017. I believe that Allied Wallet are pretty much ‘the messiah of ecommerce and finance’, especially on a global level then we must be doing something right and people need to understand that we are constantly growing in 58 countries worldwide. It feels good to wear these shoes and I am always happy to advise and share my knowledge.

Tell me how Allied Wallet invests in people – your staff and your clients?
We work with our clients to teach them what’s good and what isn’t, and advise them not to just sell a product, but to look at what the consumer needs to maximise profit. My team members work hand in hand with every merchant and consumer, indeed we are dedicated to provide outstanding services to them. We want to educate them and what could be potentially bad or good and we look at businesses for which we have processes in place for and we understand how businesses grow. We can therefore give any business advice based on our existing experience.

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