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UNICEF Receives Generous Donation From Ahmad Khawaja

Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) August 22, 2010 — Mr. Ahmad Khawaja, successful businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, frequently donates large sums to numerous charities for a variety of causes. One reoccurring cause however, seems to be the health and wellbeing of under privileged children. Along with generously donating to the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP), focusing on protection of the youth on the internet, Ahmad Khawaja has now extended his generosity to UNICEF.

UNICEF is the leading organization for children and their rights, spanning across 190 countries worldwide, raising millions of dollars each year. The organization focuses on children’s rights as a whole, especially their rights to survival. They actively strive to change government policies or laws that hinder a child’s rights and those detrimental to the well-being of children. UNICEF continues to make the world a better place for children, and is a vital organization to the future of the youth.

“The impact and importance UNICEF maintains is unlike any other organization of its kind,” explains Ahmad Khawaja. “It is easy to restrict your concern to only your country, but it is extremely important to protect children all around the world. I admire UNICEF for the outstanding changes they have made over the years, and I will continue to support this cause until there is no longer a need to do so.” Ahmad Khawaja, having traveled all over the world, has seen the need for organizations like UNICEF first hand. “If everyone had the opportunity to see these terrible conditions first hand, no one could resist lending a hand to help.”

If you are interested in making a donation to UNICEF, please visit: http://www.unicef.org

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