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LAPPL Eagle and Badge Foundation Receives A Generous Donation

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) August 22, 2010 — As a resident of the Los Angeles area, entrepreneur and philanthropist Ahmad Khawaja is no stranger to the numerous acts of heroism and risk that the men and women of law enforcement take as they serve their the community. The officers of the Los Angeles Police Department risk their life on a daily basis, along with their families who are equally affected by their service and risk. In an effort to recognize the LAPD officers and to lend a generous hand, Ahmad Khawaja continues to donate money to the LAPPL Eagle and Badge Foundation.

This organization is a philanthropic non-profit designed to financially assist LAPD police officers and their families. This assistance is especially beneficial to those families with children seeking secondary education, or those who have tragically endured a loss to their family. The non-profit organization expresses satisfaction through viewing “the beneficiaries as living testaments to the very real difference the contributions [their] donors and supporters make.”

“Every single person in Los Angeles benefits from these men and women’s service. They are the ones that keep us safe, come when we need them, and contain crime in our city. It is our civic duty to not only show appreciation, but give back if you are able,” says Ahmad Khawaja.

Mr. Ahmad Khawaja feels this charity is extremely important in maintaining a safe community, and additionally believes the assistance is more than deserved for the contributions these officers bring to his community. Mr. Ahmad Khawaja believes that these benefits should be given to officers and their families regardless, and was immediately interested in donating to the organization after learning of its existence.

If you are interested in donating to the LAPPL Eagle and Badge foundation, please visit:

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