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Employee of the Year: Moe Diab

Allied Wallet continues to promote a positive workplace where employees are treated like family. The holidays have passed, but the gifts haven’t stopped coming for Allied Wallet employees. Besides holiday bonuses, free lunch Fridays, and monthly awards for all-star employees, there are more prestigious awards that only the most diligent of workers can receive semi-annually and annually.

Once every six months, a hard working employee is awarded an all-expenses paid trip to a popular oasis of the world with a companion of their choice. Most recently, Senior Underwriter Amanda Miller was awarded a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for her hard work at Allied Wallet. She spent a week in paradise as a reward for her true attention to details and relentless desire to perform at her best every day.

Most recently, Moe Diab, COO of Allied Wallet, was awarded the most prestigious award that Allied Wallet gives out. Moe Diab was awarded Employee of the Year by CEO Andy Khawaja, and he was presented with a brand new Mercedes Benz E550 Cabriolet Convertible. Moe was left speechless and grateful from the company’s generosity and true appreciation of his hard work.

The staff continues to work from the heart, not for the prizes, but for their true belief in Allied Wallet’s products. “Love your company because your company loves you,” said Andy Khawaja.

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