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Bloomberg Offers Readers a Glimpse at Global E-Commerce

Los Angeles, CA:, global provider of multi-currency merchant services, secured credit card processing, and a PCI Level 1 payment gateway, was recently featured in Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine for their increasingly large presence in today’s e-commerce environment and their ability to enable merchants to accept credit cards online.

The June 2013 issue of Bloomberg Businessweek features an article titled “An Open Window for Global Business” that covers CEO Andy Khawaja’s ability to foresee technological advancements on the horizon and his relentless drive to act on it. Bloomberg Businessweek’s Betsy Vereckey interviewed Mr. Khawaja to get an in-depth look at Allied Wallet’s success.

Khawaja gave Bloomberg Magazine a close look at the philosophy of the company and his initial thoughts around forming it. Allied Wallet’s international presence has proved to be impressive and their products are now world-renowned for their ability to streamline e-commerce for merchants and business owners all over the world.

“No matter where a company is located, it’s very important to have its products sold around the world,” Khawaja said to Bloomberg.

Allied Wallet has perfected a payment service that connects 196 countries in 164 currencies. They already claim 52 million users from all over the map. “You can’t decline money just because it’s from a different country,” says Khawaja.

This international payment processor is said to have “grown at impressive annual rates” in their eight years of business, said Bloomberg Magazine. And with their e-commerce innovations on the horizon, it’s clear that the company shows no signs of slowing down.

“Technology is improving,” said Khawaja, “Our job is to have a role in that and make consumers’ lives easier and more convenient.”


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