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Allied Wallet’s #MyBigIdea Cultivates Top Talent

London, United Kingdom: Allied Wallet is a provider of payment solutions for businesses of all sizes, offering merchants the ability to accept credit cards and ACH payments online from all over the world in 164 currencies. Recently, they began a new outreach program driven by a twitter “hashtag” entitled, “My Big Idea.”

Allied Wallet’s “My Big Idea” campaign centers on the idea that when people are given the proper resources, they are capable of bringing their ideas to life. Allied Wallet wants to nurture the next batch of entrepreneurs and do everything in their power to aide these aspiring merchants.

The company prides itself on having solutions for all business types. They have partnered with nearly every e-commerce solution that businesses need to scale and grow. By reaching out through #MyBigIdea, a merchant will be offered a coach. Merchants will be guided through the process of bringing their big idea to life.

Starting a business can be difficult without a road map or a helping hand, and the gap between stagnation and success can swallow a business idea whole. But Allied Wallet wishes to nurture these ideas and guide merchants throughout the process.

At no charge, Allied Wallet wishes to help merchants start their business. Do you have a website built? Do you have hosting? Shopping Cart Solution? They have an easily integrated solution for every step of the way and are integrated with every major shopping cart solution available.

Starting a business does not have to be difficult if you partner with the right solutions.

Allied Wallet offers their services to merchants as a global, multi-currency payment solution. Regardless of business type, Allied Wallet has a credit card processing, merchant service, and payment gateway solution for the business.

By partnering with solutions that integrate together smoothly and offer the features you’ll need for success, you’ll see a simpler start to your successful online business.

Sign up with Allied Wallet’s #MyBigIdea here by August 31st, 2013 and enter to win a free iPad.



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