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Allied Wallet’s CEO Offers ‘Start Your Business’ Some Tips

LOS ANGELES, CA: Allied Wallet, a global leader in online credit card processing, multi-currency merchant services, state-of-the-art payment processing, digital eWallet solutions, and a PCI Level 1 payment gateway, was recently featured in Start Your Business Magazine.

Allied Wallet’s CEO Andy Khawaja offered an hour of his time to give Start Your Business Magazine a glimpse into Allied Wallet’s success. A steady stream of tips, along with a look at Khawaja’s past, offers Start Your Business Magazine’s readership some helpful information for running their own businesses.

Khawaja interviewed with Start Your Business, providing about an hour of audio for a podcast that is currently featured on their website. The content was the bulk of information used for a new article in their magazine entitled, “Safe Payments in a World Open for Business.”

The article covers CEO and Founder Andy Khawaja’s rise to success with Allied Wallet, a company that now provides credit card processing solutions in 196 countries all over the world.

Khawaja also offered a look at the company culture and how it contributes to their success. He believes that comfort plays a large part in the relaxed environment that Allied Wallet provides its employees.

“Happy employees lead to happy customers,” said CEO Andy Khawaja.

After listening to the podcast, it’s clear that Khawaja has spent many hours perfecting an environment that stimulates success and growth. The knowledge and experience he offers entrepreneurs and the readers of Start Your Business Magazine is testament enough of his desire to see people succeed.


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