Allied Wallet Wins Merchant Payments Ecosystem 2014 Award
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Allied Wallet Wins Merchant Payments Ecosystem 2014 Award

Los Angeles, CA: Allied Wallet was announced as the winner of the “Guiding Hand – International Award” at this year’s Merchant Payments Ecosystem conference in Berlin, Germany.

The Merchant Payments Ecosystem Awards, or MPE Awards, began their history in 2010 as the ECAF Awards, recognizing the oustanding roles of acquirers, processors, PSP’s, and payment solution providers.

The MPE Awards provide recognition and tribute to those who are instrumental and innovative in the payment industry. They bring tribute to those who are pushing the system and payment solutions beyond its current state and into the next level of success.

The MPE Guiding Hand – International Award goes to an acquirer, payment service provider, network service, payment scheme, or regulator who has set up the finest offer, program, or system for internation merchants.

This year, Allied Wallet won the MPE 2014 Award for its innovative, global vision on e-commerce payments and its ability to provide a customized solution for online merchants all over the world.

Many members of the Merchant Payments Ecosystem were happy to speak in regards to Allied Wallet’s award-winning solution.

“In an even faster moving electronic commerce world, Allied Wallet enables merchants to open their online store within 24 hours, key to competitive success,” said Leon Dhaene, Chairman of the MPE (Guiding Hand) Awards. He added, “Allied Wallet makes it convenient for merchants and consumers to transact in less than 24 hours.”

Allied Wallet was very happy to accept the MPE Guiding Hand – International Award for their ability to guide e-commerce merchants and provide a solution they can use to grow their businesses.

CEO Andy Khawaja was very proud to accept the MPE Award on behalf of the Allied Wallet team. CEO Khawaja commented, “We are very happy to acknowledge that, every day, we are encouraging new entrepreneurs to start their new ventures online.”

Lastly, Khawaja added, “We’re happy to be a part of their success stories, guiding them towards their first transactions and the first dollars of many more to come.”



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