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Allied Wallet Reports Growth to Over 68 Million Users Worldwide

Los Angeles, CA: Allied Wallet is now serving over 68 million users worldwide with their online credit card processing and multi-currency merchant services products. Allied Wallet was previously ranked one of INC Magazine’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies and continues to display impressive advancement.

Allied Wallet has crafted their product line to suit every business type and consumers alike. They’ve made such an impact that they have been featured and interviewed in many publications around the word. This coverage may have attributed to their widespread success and a user base that now exceeds 68 million.

TIME Magazine recently covered Allied Wallet, stating that Allied Wallet was “Spreading the E-Commerce Gospel.” The article covers Allied Wallet’s e-commerce solutions and Founder/CEO Andy Khawaja’s mission to “see people succeed, and make their dreams come true.”

Fortune Magazine’s July 2013 issue covered Allied Wallet in an article called “Building the Future.” The article detailed more than Allied Wallet’s services and offered a glimpse at what is on the horizon for Allied Wallet’s Founder/CEO.

“We’re building a better future for the world of digital commerce,” said Khawaja.

United Airlines’ Hemispheres Magazine interviewed Khawaja for a story entitled, “Redefining the Golden Years,” offering a glimpse at retirement options. Allied Wallet provides more than just e-commerce solutions for online businesses, but individuals can also “resell” their solution for residual monthly income.

Resellers can secure an income by referring others to Allied Wallet’s services. These Allied Wallet resellers can earn percentage-based residuals, offering additional cash flow to anyone regardless of age.

In Fortune Magazine, Khawaja stated, “I’m excited about seeing digital commerce growing. It’s contributing to a better economy and allowing people to create businesses of their own.”

As 2013 moves into quarter four, it’s clear that Khawaja’s initiatives are seeing prosperity and Allied Wallet is bringing success to businesses all over the world.



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