Why Should You Invest in Mobile Merchant Credit Card Processing?

Just about everything is going mobile these days. The world operates, communicates, and conducts business on apps and web pages using mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. If you’re wondering if you should invest in mobile merchant credit card processing, the answer is most definitely yes. Here, we’ll cover just a few of the benefits of mobile credit card processing.

Expand Your Business

A wall connection limits your business. These days, you want the ability to mobilize your credit card processing. Mobile processing allows you to transform a smartphone or tablet into an on-the-go handheld card swiper that functions just like a traditional payment gateway.

The mobility and connectivity of smart devices allows you to conduct business and process credit card payments at farmers markets, sporting events, community functions, and even at customers’ homes. Mobile merchant credit card processing allows you to expand and operate your business just about anywhere.

The opportunities for growth are limitless. Your business no longer needs to be shackled to a brick and mortar location. The convenience of mobile card processing lets you expand your business into locations that aren’t typically set up for credit card payments. You can have a limited time pop up shop or even deliver products and collect payment immediately with mobile payment processing.

Meet Modern Demands

Because mobile payment options are becoming more and more ubiquitous, modern customers often expect the option to be available. You won’t need to call and authorize the card because mobile processing is quick and efficient. When customers are ready to pay, they won’t need to find a register or a check out line or wait while you authorize their card over the phone. You can simply process their transaction right where they are and quickly send them on their way.


Mobile merchant credit card processing also offers better security than a traditional swipe gateway. The card is never out of the sight of the customer and nothing needs to be written down. The entire transaction is completed on the mobile device so no receipt containing sensitive information is printed and possibly lost.


Mobile credit card processing is more convenient than a traditional credit card machine. You can email receipts which makes processing returns easier. You can process cards without a landline. You can even include an easy to use tip option on your mobile device if you work in a service environment.

You should invest in mobile merchant credit card processing because it’s quickly becoming the payment processing norm. It’s not just a fad. Customers love the convenience of being able to use their credit cards just about anywhere; it offers great security and incredible convenience.

Go Mobile with Allied Wallet

Allied Wallet is an industry leader in payment processing solutions. Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about mobile payment options. Our award winning service, ability to process payments around the globe, and state of the art security features ensure that you’ll love what we can do for you.

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