Which Type of Machine Should You Use to Accept Credit Card Payment?

Accepting credit card payments is a great way to grow and expand your business. You give your customers the flexibility and freedom to pay the way they want, and you give yourself the option to expand into other markets. However, how do you know what type of credit card machine you should use to accept credit card payment? Here, we’ll go over some key aspects you should consider when deciding what type of machine to use.

Fixed Terminal

Countertop terminals are ideal for traditional retail settings. If you operate a brick and mortar store where the majority of your transactions are face to face, you want a traditional countertop terminal. These terminals allow you to swipe cards, print receipts, and batch out your transactions at the end of the day. Many countertop terminals allow you to add a PIN pad so you can process debit cards and even EBT transactions.

The classic way to accept a credit card payment, many fixed terminals offer new technology like NFC capability and chip readers. If you operate a physical storefront where customers pay at a central location, this is your best option.

Card Reader

This modern take on the traditional credit card reader attaches to a smart device like a tablet or a phone. This gives you the flexibility of a mobile device without having to invest in a mobile card terminal. Card readers are a great way to accept credit card payment without having to purchase a traditional, and more costly, fixed terminal.

If you use a tablet for your register and data management, this is a great option to consider, especially if you’re a new or growing business. A card reader gives you all the features of a traditional countertop model when paired with a smart device. This is your best option if you don’t use a traditional cash register or computer.

Mobile Terminal

Mobile and wireless terminals are great options if you want the classic security and reliability of a countertop terminal with the flexibility of wireless. These terminals offer swipe, chip reading, and NFC capability and allow you to accept credit card payment in a variety of settings, but with the freedom and flexibility of mobile technology.

This is an ideal choice if you operate your business in non-traditional settings like open air markets, trade shows, pop-up shops, and more. They also let you process payments at customers tables in restaurants, cafes, and bars. Many are capable of working offline as well.

Ask Allied Wallet

With so many ways your business can choose to accept a credit card payment, it can be difficult to know which is right for you. We have a long history of helping businesses of all sizes with credit card payment solutions. Call Allied Wallet today to find out the best option for your business.

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