What Qualities Should You Look For In Your Payment Gateway?

If you are ready to take your online business to the next level, you might be exploring partnering with a payment gateway. It can certainly be intimidating and overwhelming to sift through all the payment gateway companies available. How can you find the best online payment gateway for your business? We have a few things that you should look for and compare from company to company. Here are four tips for narrowing down your choices.

Ease of Setup
Let’s face it. You want your business up and running as quickly as possible so that you can begin taking orders as quickly as possible. Don’t get caught up in all of the extra work and stress of trying to contract on your own with credit card companies. Your best online payment gateway company is going to offer a simple and efficient set up. Here at Allied Wallet, we respect your time and your desire to get a secure payment system on your site sooner than later. In fact, we will have your site ready for online credit card purchasing in about twelve hours. Don’t settle for a company that is going to keep you waiting.

Customer Service
You don’t want your payment gateway to love you, then leave you. The best online payment gateway company for your business is going to offer you consistent and friendly customer service. Questions and emergencies are bound to happen; you shouldn’t feel abandoned or frustrated when trying to reach your payment gateway. At Allied Wallet, we offer customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are always here, ready to help you out with minor situations or major problems.

It is important for both you and your customers to feel confident in the payment information that flies through the web during each purchase. You are more likely to have repeat customers if they are able to have a positive and secure experience when it comes to checkout. The best online payment gateway should offer you and your customers certified security. Allied Wallet offers the best security possible, and is PCI Compliant.

Global Experience
Finally, small businesses are able to grow exponentially with the addition of online credit card processing. In fact, your products can be purchased and shipped anywhere in the world. With global selling comes global issues. The best online payment gateway for your business should have experience working with global payment issues. At Allied Wallet, we accept 164 different currencies and have support in 195 countries. If you want your small business to have global reach, make sure your online payment gateway can handle those specifications.

Essentially, you are looking for an online payment gateway that will support both you and your customers, while providing safe and secure transactions. Allied Wallet offers all of that and much more. We are dedicated to seeing our customers succeed and their bottom lines grow. Don’t wait any longer to take your small business to the next level. You are close to having global potential!

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