Video Hosting Services that Suit Small Business Owners Globally

Most people, especially entrepreneurs and small business owners would agree that hosting videos and putting them onto their websites can cost an arm and a leg. Incorporating a video into marketing plan is indeed costly and could require direction from a professional videographer.

If you are a small business owner and in need to put up some product videos of what you are trying to sell, you can now make your own product videos without even worrying about the cost or hiring an expert. Many of you have already heard of Vimeo. For those who have not, Vimeo is a website community that gives you the opportunity to post videos online. In fact, Vimeo has become the second most popular online video portal after YouTube.

Vimeo has recently launched Vimeo PRO, which works exactly like the standard Vimeo, but with added features. Vimeo PRO gives small businesses and commercial enterprises a means to host their product videos for only $199 a year. Within this cost, business owners can enjoy an affordable and simple professional video hosting solution, complete with analytics for evaluating the return on their investment (ROI). Additionally, every year, users will be given 50 gigabytes of storage, enough to upload 700 to 2,000 five-minute videos, depending on what kind of format video is used. They are also offered 250,000 plays for videos embedded on their own websites in a player that can branded with whatever company logo they want to put.

If 50 gigabytes is not enough, users can actually update their Vimeo PRO by adding more plays in increments of 100,000 for another $ 199. Vimeo PRO is disallowing any types of advertisements on its video player. In this case, users will not see advertisements from random companies appearing on top of the videos which are usually seen on YouTube or any other online video players. Furthermore, Vimeo PRO offers an acceptable video quality such as high definition and HTML5 video. Not only that, Vimeo PRO is also providing users with portfolio websites that they can customize, video review pages, and integration into social-media utilities and platforms. Vimeo PRO has everything that entrepreneurs and small business owners need to advertise their own products videos.

If you’re a developer looking for a simple way to host and integrate videos into a clients site, give Vimeo Pro a chance and try this awesome innovational tool.

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