The Nuances of Non-Profit Credit Card Processing

Because of the unique financial makeup of non-profit organisations, credit card processing for these organisations is a bit different from traditional models. As such, most payment processors gear their products toward for-profit organisations and don’t offer donation tools or tax management options. That means that non-profit credit card processing needs a little more attention than typical processing. Here, we cover the two most common approaches to non-profit processing.

Integrated Software

This option follows the traditional path, but with additional software integration to account for a non-profit status. What this means is that a non-profit organization will set up payment processing through a traditional provider and then use additional software to account for things like donor management, taxes, and advertising costs.

This is a great option for non-profit credit card processing if you have the time and resources to spend on research and integration. What’s more, this option is typically the most cost effective, as it allows nonprofits to negotiate rates and fees. Many providers of this service work hand in hand with 501(3)(c) organisations and therefore offer competitive and valuable resources. Many offer month to month contracts, no early termination fees, and transparent pricing.

All In One Solution

The other option available for non-profit credit card processing is an all in one option. This processing solution includes all the necessary nonprofit-driven features like payment processing, billing, taxes, and more. While this option tends to cost a bit more than the one listed above, it’s a better option for small nonprofits that don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to payment processing.

What’s more, is that these options provide valuable services like donor management, accounting, social media integration, metrics and analytics reporting, and event planning in addition to payment processing. So while the initial and recurring costs might be a bit higher, the benefits and extras typically more than make up for the money spent.

Running a nonprofit can be a rewarding enterprise. You want to make sure you run it right and keep costs low so you can focus on what you really care about. Non-profit credit card processing is slightly different from traditional processing, so make sure you understand all the variables before you commit to a service. Make sure you ask about tax filing, donor management, month to month contracts, and any early termination fees.

Allied Wallet

To learn more about how non-profit organisations process credit card payments and donations, contact Allied Wallet. We have years of experience providing award winning payment processing solutions for companies and organisations of all shapes and sizes. Call us today to discuss your payment processing needs and to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

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