The Best eCommerce Payment Gateway for Retailers of High Ticket Items

Opening a business that specializes in high ticket items offers the possibility of high profit margins and rapid growth. But as with any business, there are challenges. One, is how to acquire payment processing. After all, finding the best eCommerce payment gateway for a business focused on high ticket items can often mean using a merchant account. The best option will offer security, affordable rates, and flexible payment options.

Allied Wallet has been providing payment processing solutions for eCommerce sites for years. Our industry leading security and dedication to affordable rates ensures you’ll find the service you need for your eCommerce site.


A business that focuses on high ticket items is typically forced to utilize a merchant account. That’s due to the high possibility of fraud and chargebacks associated with these businesses. The best eCommerce payment gateway option for a high ticket item business will utilize state of the art security measures to minimize the chances of these things happening.

Allied Wallet provides customisable fraud scrubbing, utilizes secure encryption, and is Level 1 PCI compliant. These security features work in tandem to ensure your sales are completed safely, securely, and with minimal possibility of fraud. This keeps your business profitable and operating smoothly.

Affordable Rates

The bottom line is important for every business. You want to keep costs low and profits high. The best eCommerce payment gateway will offer you competitive rates and fees, even on high ticket items. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice large chunks of your profits just because you sell high ticket items.

Allied Wallet offers affordable payment gateway solutions for businesses of all sizes. Contact us today to discuss your processing options.

Flexible Payment Options

Offering high ticket items can mean that regular credit card processing isn’t always feasible. That’s because not everyone has credit card limits of over $10,000. Some customers won’t want to make such large purchases with their credit cards. Utilizing payment options such as ACH can increase your customer pool.

Customers can use ACH payments to make large purchases. This allows them to avoid costly interest fees from credit card companies. This also allows your business to accept an electronic check. The best eCommerce payment gateway will offer flexible payment options including ACH payments.

Allied Wallet offers ACH processing. Give your customers the freedom to make purchases of high ticket items with their credit cards or with an electronic check.

You’ve Got a Partner

Retailers of high ticket items often face numerous challenges. They may need to use flexible merchant accounts, their customers may have spending limits associated with their credit cards, and they may face high rates and fees.

Choose Allied Wallet

Allied Wallet will work with you to ensure these aren’t obstacles for your business. Our state of the art security ensures minimal chargebacks and fraud, our rates are affordable and fair, and we offer flexible payment options so your customers will have the freedom to pay on their terms. Contact us today to learn why we offer the best eCommerce payment gateway option for your high ticket business.

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