The Best Credit Card Processing Companies to Protect Against Fraud

When choosing a payment processor for your business you need to consider a few variables—what is the cost, what are the features, and how strong are the security measures, to name just a few. In order to find the best credit card processing company you need to do some research, ask a few questions, and determine what you need from your payment processor.


When choosing which is the best credit card processing company for your business or eCommerce site, the first determination will be cost. All payment processors charge rates and fees for their services. Depending on your sales volume, dollar amounts, and other factors you will be charged transaction rates, recurring fees, percentages, or a combination of charges. Based on your profit margins and bottom line allowances you’ll need to determine which payment processor offers you the best service to fit within your budget.


Another key aspect to consider when choosing the best credit card processing company for you is features they provide. You may think that all payment processors are the same. They encrypt and authorize payments, take a small cut, and deposit your funds into a merchant account. But not all processors are created equal.

Many processors offer services in multiple currencies and a wide range of countries. Some offer shopping cart services and embedded payment options. A feature that not all processors offer is data analytics. Understanding the shopping and purchasing habits of your customers is one of the best methods you have to grow your business. You should strongly consider choosing a payment processor that offers you an analytics feature.


The most important consideration when determining which is the best credit card processing company for your business is what kind of security they offer. Any payment processor can facilitate your transactions and offer you features, but you want to make certain that they offer top notch safety and security features, as well.

Security for your customers should be a top priority when choosing your payment processor. You want your clients to know they can shop without fear of their sensitive personal information being compromised. These days, even the biggest companies have to consider how secure their customers information is. So choosing a payment processor with great security features is truly a must.

Fraud Protection

You also want to consider your company’s security when choosing your payment provider. Protection against fraudulent transactions should also be a top priority when considering which is the best credit card processing company for your eCommerce site.

Fraud results in chargebacks, additional fees, higher rates, and even the possibility of being dropped by your processor. When you’re considering which payment provider to go with, choose the one that offers you the best protection against fraud.

Choose the Best, Choose Allied Wallet

Allied Wallet is an industry leading credit card processing company. Thousands of merchants across the globe trust our award winning security measures and features for their business. To protect you and your customers, choose Allied Wallet.

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