The Advantages of Accepting Payment Online

Your small business can reach an entirely new level of exposure and profit simply by offering online credit card processing. If are on the fence and not sure how to accept payment online, or if it even would be beneficial for your company, check out some facts about the average online shopper.

The Online Retail Business Is Growing
Over the past ten years, online retail business has increased 15% to reach $186 billion dollars in 2012. You need to find out how to accept payment online on your website so that your business can share in this exponential growth.

Customers Want to Purchase Online
Over 85% of online users have purchased something online, according to a study in Parade Magazine. Learning how to accept payment online can capture these online shoppers, and give them the opportunity to order your products.

Online Payment Options Rein in Impulse Buyers
Customers who are shopping from the comfort of their home, or on lunch break while at work, are ready to purchase. Learning how to accept payment online for your website can offer your online customers the ease of purchasing without leaving their home or standing in line. The easier the purchase process, the more likely that someone who stumbles upon your site will order your product.

Online Customers Prefer Payment Options
A 2013 study by UPS shows that 71% of customers prefer multiple payment options, credit cards included. Finding out how to accept payment online will give your customers more ways to pay.

How to Get It Done
While you can certainly apply with each individual credit card company that you want to accept on your site, you might find that you are quickly frustrated and overwhelmed with the paperwork, stress, and extra payments. To add the option for customers to pay with any major credit card to your website, within twelve hours, partner with online payment gateway company Allied Wallet. We are the experts in giving your customers a smooth, convenient, and secure credit card processing experience. Let us partner with you to give your business the chance to increase exposure and profit by offering online credit card processing.

Besides getting a company with expertise in online payment, your partnership with Allied Wallet also offers personalized customer service. Our clients have access to customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your small concerns or big emergencies should be handled quickly so that you can focus your energy on business decisions. Allied Wallet offers global experience, working in 195 countries and accepting 164 different types of currency. Finally, we are PCI Compliant, offering both you and your customers the most secure payment transaction possible.

Your profits can increase simply by adding online credit card purchasing to your website. Let us be your partner and get it done in less than twelve hours.

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