Smart Businesses Need Smart Websites

Donna Fuscaldo details a very important tactic for businesses seeking continued success. Fuscaldo composed an article for FOXBusiness entitled, “Making Your Website Mobile Friendly” and the tactic is simply stated in its forthright title.

As of July 2011, nearly half of the mobile-using, United States population has been documented as smartphone users. These users rely on their mobile devices for any and all information pertinent to their daily tasks. From eateries to factories and franchises to small businesses, companies are striving to paint their faces on the web. But unless your website is optimized, your face may look distorted and/or malfunction on a smartphone screen.

According to a Morgan Stanley mobile internet report that Fuscaldo discusses, “more users will connect to the internet from mobile devices than desktop PCs within five years.” Based on this information, it is arguable that an un-optimized website could prove to detract potential sales and your search engine optimization ranking will be lowered in mobile search queries. has created a platform that can get a mobile site running in as little as five to seven minutes. They make it easy for users to create their mobile-friendly site with features like:

  • Mobile thumb-friendly links
  • Vertical layout
  • Proportionate features and media

Alex Kutsishin, CEO of FiddleFly, stated that some “small businesses are not ready to embrace [mobile-friendly sites]. The education is still so low.” Fuscaldo and Kutsishin both advocate website optimization. And based on statistical analysis, they may be right. A mobile-friendly website solution is a great idea for a business of any size because it offers functional means of communication and information.

See Fox Business’ article here

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