Small Business vs. Big Business Credit Card Processing

What’s the main difference between big business and small business? The answer’s obvious: money. Big businesses process countless transactions on a daily basis, so they’re often able to negotiate lower rates and set up their own payment gateways. They also have the money to go through the expensive PCI compliance verification process, and have teams of developers to keep their websites updated and integrated with shopping cart software, and payment gateways.

Chances are, your business isn’t processing millions of dollars in credit card transactions every day, and it’s likely that you won’t benefit from doing it all yourself. Luckily, Allied Wallet offers two fantastic, low cost options that can help both small and large, online-based companies get started with accepting credit cards online.

Here are two of Allied Wallet’s special programs designed for business credit card processing.


Quickpay is designed for e-commerce stores and small business credit card processing, and is our most popular payment processing option available. When a customer has decided to purchase something from your business’s website, they are transferred to our secure purchase page where they can enter their payment information and complete payment. Once the purchase is completed, the customer is transferred back to your website.

This option is quick and easy to install, and can be integrated onto your website in less than 20 minutes.

Business Pro

Business Pro offers a professional solution for larger companies that are dedicated to providing their customers with a smoother experience when making purchases on their website. With Business Pro, the customer never leaves the business’s website, and the transaction is processed on your payment page.

We know that expansion depends on a business’s ability to accept credit cards online, no matter the size of the company. That’s why we offer special programs and services designed to support small, medium, and large business credit card processing, and to facilitate growth with low, affordable rates and quality payment processing.

Visit our Quickpay and Business Pro pages today to find out which business credit card processing option is best for you.

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