Small Business Payment Processing: Withstand Cyber attacks

Small Business Payment Processing: Withstand Cyber attacks

Just a few years ago cyberattacks were the stuff of international spy films. Now, with high profile attacks against movie companies and other major corporations, cybersecurity is front page news. Cyberattacks can happen to anyone, including your small business. Protect your assets and your customers’ personal information by choosing small business payment processing that is dedicated to security.

Steps You Can Take

Withstanding cyberattacks isn’t just the job of your payment processor. There are a number of steps you can take to ensure your system isn’t compromised.

Update your passwords regularly. This is an easy step to take to help secure your computer system. Choose passwords that don’t use common phrases, keep them private, make them 10 characters or more, and change them often to reduce the chance of someone guessing your passwords or hacking into your system.

Establish company wide safety and security practices for your operating system. Whether your company has 1 or 100 employees you should create and establish policies that help protect your system. By establishing and following common sense procedures such as not using company computers for personal reasons, disabling automatic downloads, and not opening links in emails you can help protect your system from malicious viruses and spyware.

Choose Professional Help

There are many steps you can take to protect your sensitive information and computer systems from attack. By combining your efforts with professional ones you double your protection. That’s why the best way to protect against cyberattacks is to choose small business payment processing that offers state of the art protection.

Small merchants are often the most vulnerable to online fraud and cyber risk. Choose a merchant that follows PCI compliance. Not only does this level of compliance help mitigate the possibility of fraud and security attacks, it’s also the law. Those vendors that are non-compliant can face penalties of up to $500,000 per attack. Choosing small business payment processing that offers PCI compliance can help protect you and your customers’ financial information.

A Series of Protection

Ultimately, there isn’t a failsafe option to protect your small business against cybercrime. However, using a series of professional protections and commonsense steps to protect your computer system can make it extremely difficult for your site and information to be compromised.

Choose a payment processor that offers a combination of security features like PCI compliance, fraud scrubbing, and data encryption. Your choice in small business payment processing can help you defend against cyber attacks.

Allied Wallet Helps Defend Against Cyber attacks

Allied Wallet is an industry leader in providing safe and secure financial transactions. We utilize a series of protections to effectively safeguard every piece of sensitive information in every transaction. Cyberattacks will only increase as more and more business is conducted online. Our state of the art security features will give you the confidence to conduct business without fear of cyberattacks. Contact us today to discuss your security concerns.

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