Simplify Customer Payments By Accepting Credit Cards

If you own a business, you’re eventually going to need to ask yourself: how can I accept credit cards on my business’s website? Whether your business is large or small, global or local, you simply cannot expand without an effective online presence, which includes an attractive, easy-to-use company website.

In fact, according to an article in, many businesses don’t recognize the importance of a company website, and focus on developing a social media strategy instead. What these companies fail to understand is the effectiveness of a company website not only brands your business, but directs traffic from your social media ads to your website.

And while branding is extremely important for your business, allowing your website to accept credit or debit cards is monumental. If your company website doesn’t give customers the option to make easy payments online, you’re potentially losing a significant source of revenue for your business. Here’s what to take into account when wondering, how can I accept credit cards online to optimize my customers’ online purchasing experience?

How Do I Choose a Reliable Payment Gateway?

Make sure that the payment processing company that you choose is 100% secure. While your company may stand to make a substantial amount of money online by accepting credit or debit cards, you can also lose more if you fail to provide customers with a safe way to perform an online transaction.

Allied Wallet provides secure business transactions through its PCI Level 1 compliance platform and customized Fraud Scrub technologies. Nowadays, most online shoppers won’t go near a website that isn’t secure, so it’s important to choose a company like Allied Wallet that provides its clients with the utmost level of security and protection from privacy breaches and theft.

How Can I Accept Credit Cards on My Website?

Once you’ve chosen a dependable payment gateway system, you’ll be able to add an order form or a shopping cart to your website. This will be an easy way for customers to submit their payment information to make purchases from your online store. The money will be processed through the gateway and into your merchant account, and once processed, will arrive safely into your business’s bank account.

Once you have an online order form on your site, like a shopping cart, you can begin improving search functionality to increase traffic and enrich your online store’s shopping experience.

How Can I Accept Credit Cards Without Using a Payment Gateway?

Payment gateway companies like Allied Wallet protect the business and the consumer from online fraud and provide essential security that is necessary for e-commerce. Payment gateways like Allied Wallet are user-friendly, budget-friendly, and easy to use. Although using a payment gateway is highly advised for your business’s website, you can accept credit card payments directly by opening your own dedicated merchant account.

The steps that go into opening a dedicated merchant account are complicated. It’s likely that this will require in-depth credit checks, a thorough investigation into your business, and underwriting processes for banks to review your application and approve your request.

A dedicated merchant account is also a detailed and involved task that requires constant maintenance and a high level of technical knowledge. Dedicated merchant accounts are known to be rife with complicated fees and rates that add up quickly and wind up costing the business more money and trouble than they’re worth.


When it comes to payment processing, Allied Wallet is the best choice for your company website. Allied Wallet is the safest, most secure way to accept credit card payments online and offers low rates, excellent customer support, state-of-the-art security, and Level 1 PCI compliance. Speak to a representative today to find out how you can approve your business for a merchant account in less than twelve hours.

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