Should Your Small Business Take Credit Card Payments?

As a small business owner, you constantly face a number of questions about your business. One dilemma that many small business owners face is whether or not to take credit card payments. Although there are certainly some risks involved, this is one question you shouldn’t have to worry about. Being able to accept credit card payments can help you expand your customer base and grow your business. Keep reading to find out why you should accept credit cards.


One of the main reason consumers use credit cards so much is that they’re simply more convenient than cash. Offering your customer base the freedom to pay how they want is a huge incentive for people to patronize your business. The fact is, fewer and fewer customers carry cash these days, and not accepting card payments can put you at a disadvantage.

Impulse Shopping

If you don’t take credit card payments at your business, you could be losing out on impulse buys. Because relatively few people tend to shop with cash, refusing to accept credit cards means inconveniencing those people. If a customer is unable to use a credit card to purchase goods or services from you, what are the odds that they’ll be willing to leave your store, find an ATM, withdraw cash, and return to finalize the transaction? Probably not good. Capture those spur-of-the-moment purchases by accepting credit card payments.

The Numbers

Many small business owners don’t take credit card payments because of the associated costs, like set up and transactional fees. When you consider the extent to which sheer convenience can boost your profits, however, you’ll start to see how the benefits of accepting credit cards far outweigh the associated costs.

Accepting credit cards at your business isn’t simply about capturing more sales; it’s also about understanding your business. Many credit card payment providers also offer data analysis. By knowing the trends of your business, you can focus and shape your inventory to better serve your customers.

Expansion and Growth

Being able to take credit card payments also helps your business expand and grow. It gives your business a professional image that customers can trust. What’s more, by accepting credit cards, you open up the possibility to take your business online. Every day, more and more people shop, buy, and procure services online. Accepting credit card payments opens up new possibilities for your business.

Taking Credit Card Payments with Confidence

Allowing payments via credit card at your business is a big decision, but it’s one with many more rewards than consequences. Accepting credit cards is convenient for your customers, encourages impulse and big-ticket purchases, can help you track and understand your business, and can help your business expand into the modern market.

Choose a partner that will let you take credit card payments securely and affordably with Allied Wallet. Call today to find out how Allied Wallet’s award-winning services can help your small business start to accept credit cards.

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