Sell Your Crash Plan

Crash Plan – do you have one? Whether or not you’re working with an e-commerce client or looking for one, having a “Crash Plan” can be a great added value to sell your e-commerce, web development services with or something to provide your current client with to secure their loyalty.

Having a Crash Plan integrated into your web development can be protection against outages and downtime. And while a fully-redundant data center isn’t always in the cards and there is no such thing as 100% uptime, there are steps you can take to protect e-commerce websites, servers, and the functionalities that your clients’ companies rely on for their businesses.

1. Perform regular backups of all systems.
Make sure that you test your backups often to ensure that they will be functional in the event that you need them.

2. Choose a hosting provider that you trust.
Ensure that the hosting solution that you choose is not only affordable, but fully functional and suitable to the amount of security you need to maintain.

3. Keep a manual log and use a website monitoring service.
Maintaining a manual log of the changes made to the site can help you in a bind or outage. It’s also smart to use a website monitoring service that e-mails you and/or your client in the event of an outage.

These tips can help you keep your client’s site as close to 100% uptime as possible. And while that number isn’t realistic, your client will respect you and your web development for taking the necessary precautions. Offering this service can be added value when selling your web development services.

Always remember not to panic in the event of an outage, and that your first step should be to immediately call the hosting company to find out what could be happening. It’s also smart to have your client create a plan of action to alert their customers in the event of some kind of outtage.

Preparing for these types of situations make them easier to handle when they inevitably occur on a site that relies on an e-commerce website. How do you prepare for downtime?

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